DIAL 911 Pro Scooter Metal Headset Spacer (Raw)

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Get 10% discount on DIAL 911 Pro Scooter Metal Headset Spacer (Raw) upon pre-order. Detailed pre-order conditions are here.

Getting a pro scooter completely dialed in is easier with this metal spacer

The thin metal spacer can be used to create that last bit of needed space in order for you to get your custom scooter setup completely dialed in. This spacer is used between the bearings and your headset topcap.


  • 34mm outer diameter
  • 29mm inner diameter
  • 0.3mm thickness
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Unfortunately, this product is not available in our store in Tbilisi.
But we can order it for you!
Pre-order conditions:
- 100% prepayment
- 10% discount
- Delivery time 10-20 days
- 50% prepayment
- 5% discount
- Delivery time 10-20 days
We will check the availability at the supplier's warehouse and then contact you to make payment.

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