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We at ProScooter.Shop pride ourselves on offering our customers the highest quality products from premium brands! But, unfortunately, this world is not perfect, and sometimes (really extremely rarely!) manufacturing defects can be present in the goods. In case of detection of such a defect, please contact us by e-mail hello@proscooter.shop or come to our store at Sh.Gambashidze st. 4, Tbilisi, Georgia.

After reviewing your application (this process may take up to 30 days), upon confirmation of the warranty case, we will refund the paid cost of the goods or offer a new similar / similar product. If the purchase was made in our retail store, in order to consider your application, it is necessary to have a cashier's receipt confirming the fact of the purchase.

Warranty periods

  • The standard warranty period is 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • If longer warranty periods are indicated on the official websites of manufacturers, then they are a priority.
  • The warranty does not cover "consumables" (such as handgrips, griptapes, bearings).

NOTICE! Warranty covers a manufacturing defect only. Mechanical damage and normal wear and tear are not covered by the warranty.



Defective goods

You have the right to return or exchange goods with manufacturing defects. In such cases we will pay for the postage and refund the cost of the goods after your complaint has been resolved.

Good quality product

You have the right to withdraw from a purchase within 14 days from the date your purchase was handed over to you (whether in a retail store or via delivery services) without giving any reason. You can get a refund or exchange for another product of the same value.

Conditions for exchange or return:

  • The item has not been used and is in mint condition.
  • The original labels, labels and packaging are preserved and undamaged.
  • There is proof of purchase. In the case of a purchase in a retail store, this is a cash receipt. In the case of an online order, confirmation is not required - our system remembers all your orders.

IMPORTANT! If you wish to return or exchange an item of good quality, please remember that all shipping and logistics costs are your responsibility, including reimbursement of our initial shipping costs, even if there was a conditional "free shipping".

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Unfortunately, this product is not available in our store in Tbilisi.
But we can order it for you!
Pre-order conditions:
- 100% prepayment
- 10% discount
- Delivery time 10-20 days
- 50% prepayment
- 5% discount
- Delivery time 10-20 days
We will check the availability at the supplier's warehouse and then contact you to make payment.

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